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                           the journey to outside doesn’t begin
                           and doesn’t get anywhere but waits

                           and eventually sees the plumes sufficient
                           to every bird that passes in flight if you but

                           listen to the drips the shifts and echoes all
                           around in the long tunnel; if unheard a cry

                           of love will stay inside enveloped
                           in the dark around a window or under a throne

                           the dark around the brother’s corpse – not
                           his own – the misshapen head amid the dark

                           not ‘worfipped’ and all the blackness can
                           so easily be made imbecilic; the two men walk

                           to the distance little wondering that
                           there is only half of height of age below the clouds


askance from chapter two of From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell

a little snippet from askance From Hell, askance from chapter ten of From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, gwn’n’avvalook




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