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                                                                                                            ha ha ha

                                   so, there always is purpose
                                   (two men ride on a carriage)
                                   it was all about, everywhere,

                                   locked in stone and resonance
                                   (the gods never disappeared)
                                   reason punctured the skyline,

                                   vision was buried in the ground,
                                   reason made the sky stop
                                   in a line, defined the sky

                                   in our mind, from the earth;
                                   there is a point inevitably
                                   atop every steeple, there is

                                   always only a point, there is
                                   always only one God, above
                                   all columns and pediments …


askance from chapter four of From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell

a little snippet from askance From Hell, askance from chapter ten of From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, gwn’n’avvalook




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