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                                by September the leaves
                                are browning and dry
                                if not caught by cobble
                                and drain leaving branches

                                to reach and twist in all
                                consequence; is the bigger
                                picture really worth more
                                than lodging, release and the

                                                              muffled glass echoes of
                occasional compassion

                                the gnashing below the
                                startled eyes suggest yes,
                                the lines of three four
                                storey houses in rows

                                cast doubt in passing;
                                is purpose only outside
                                and love only in, is the knife
                                or the coming century enough;

                                                              the dash is magnificent
                the shadow grotesque


askance from chapter eight of From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell

a little snippet from askance From Hell, askance from chapter ten of From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, gwn’n’avvalook




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