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                                I learnt
                           a while ago that power
                                is to be
                           found between what it lets
                           the blessing of Vajrapani when
                                I wasn’t
                           even looking for it but was
                           open to it should it come along,
                           there is always space if you
                                don’t look
                           too carefully and there’s always
                                the duty
                           of not looking too carefully if you trust
                                the space
                           between enough to let it go to be
                           getting the needy self all tangled
                                up in it

                                I had a
                           hunch about this earlier* when
                           back at the cliffs while floating on the sea and
                           the Buddha sit in meditation
                                for hours
                           that seemed like geologic eras


* poem called ‘Buddha Shakyamuni’; yet to be published




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