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                      dream 260713

                      I went for breakfast
                      away doing something
                      in some town somewhere

                      in a small restaurant serving
                      a traditional breakfast but
                      I didn’t know what to expect

                      I was served a thin pancake
                      size of a plate and coffee poured
                      onto a black galvanised iron plate

                      which flowed down onto another
                      plate then flowed down to the floor
                      spreading wide and diluting in the

                      clean water from the kitchen and
                      washing down a drainage hole
                      like a shower but I don’t remember

                      eating; I was joined by Carol for
                      lunch, chopped vegetable salad in
                      thin pancakes but I can’t remember

                      eating; we talked about something
                      with a little tension; we were given
                      wedge chips with a white sauce and

                      we left to walk the pedestrian streets
                      a light snow-dusting was all around
                      under an early Spring sky; I offered

                      a summary to the discussion to
                      break the silence but she turned off
                      into a dark alley and wandered off

                      before I finished talking; I realise
                      we hadn’t paid in the restaurant and
                      wandered the streets trying to find it

                      I couldn’t, but pupils who I didn’t know
                      gave me a friendly hello and climbed
                      into the boot of a waiting pink car





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