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                            aagh pointlessness
                                lookattit everywhere
                               tidy faces with grey hues
                                               quick, fold inside
                                          find something valuable
                                           create something valuable
                                                intrinsic complete maybe,
                                                                   just maybe, put it
                                                                           in the world, no
                                                              it keeps slipping off, rolls
                                                   around, gets lost, there’s too much
                                                             operation on a mass level
                                              it’s too low, too wide, too plain,
                                                     too practical, look out, it,
                                                 it’s going to compromise
                                                           ughh, value-bled
                                    all over my blue shoes and
                                 look, there’s my intrinsic,
                tainted now, been out in the air,
               it’s become all low and bled
                                     and ignored





blue wormhole: ‘the dining room …’
communication wormhole: ‘blades / articulate all the lonely height / of the sky’
compromise wormhole: Desolation Angels
faces wormhole: our whore-y little compromises
grey wormhole: To my Mum
meaning wormhole: thar she perched
pointlessness wormhole: un … able
society wormhole: the lines are not that straight / after all
world wormhole: nu’ink, / that’s what