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                                you walk past the curvéd
                                windows with your lace-up
                                DMs and rumpled skinny jeans
                                leaning slight to each step

                                retracted jaw with hooded eye
                                searching a head past hair draped
                                like a curtain developing a
                                hump already in her short life –

                                there she is again bought a
                                pair of bug-eyed sunglasses
                                now the hump is gone and
                                the following foot sweeps





coffee shop wormhole: gold wedding band
eyes & hair wormhole: Dionne Warwick
girl & muse wormhole: bottom of Herbert Road to the / foot of Eglinton Hill dream
life wormhole: Hypnopompia
passing wormhole: separate
posture wormhole: thar she perched
walking wormhole: ‘in the midst of winter …’
windows wormhole: ‘the dining room …’