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                                              Trinity Arts

                carpet tiles on a concrete floor,
                feeling flat but cannot remember why

                in the old church arts centre finding
                no legacy in doing or creating beside

                dark pink uplight gothic archway
                wondering why ever I needed My Day

                hearing Dylan between long blows
                of Spanish from the next table like a bebop line far far beyond required staves and clefs who

                wrote the songs at the time and
                cannot craft them now whishing

                there was less career in my being
                and more breathing





being & identity & writing wormhole: addicted / compulsive / identity
breathing & doing wormhole: Hypnopompia
career wormhole: the lines are not that straight / after all
carpet wormhole: poised patiently for / hours
church wormhole: St. Ludwigskirche
creativity wormhole: the Apple
life wormhole: oh,
light wormhole: 1972
pink wormhole: dream 260713
recognition wormhole: what to do
talking wormhole: letters to Mum VI – Years / after you have gone. Still.
time wormhole: I’ve only just realised / after so many decades / that the smell of neglected land is lilac buddleia
Tunbridge Wells wormhole: dream / 221297