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                        I will write of people and architecture

                eleven o’clock rings involved and particular
                from a whole neighbourhood up the tower
                while people pass with step and difference
                from whole vistas behind their eyes

                        but you don’t look for what to see
                        that you need to be alert and open
                        for to connect the compulse too distinct

                the girl tests the chosen cobbles with pirouette
                the mother looks up to phone the father in the
                exhibition; the carillon rings down the steps
                of gables and dissolve across the tidal rooftops

                        waking the mind which
                        allows the connection always there
                        but that identity made it otherwise

                the pause is settled        before the girl rides fast past
                the windows only the architecture of hair adjusting


stayed at Brugges in Belgium for a few days – a change is as good as a rest to a blind horse




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