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                                                                                                                                                the Plans
                                                                                                                                the Grand Ideas
                                                                                                                the Tragedies
                                                                                                the Inspirations
                                                                                the Nostalgia
                                                                the Counting
                                                the Creating
                                the Safeguarding
                the Performing
the Buzzzzzz

                                all giving
                                voice to the
                                child who
                                asked why
                                does it have
                                to happen to
                                us but no one
                                answered too
                                upset …
                … back to the outbreath





abandonment wormhole: bottom of Herbert Road to the / foot of Eglinton Hill dream
being & doing & sitting wormhole: time proceeds
breathing & creativity wormhole: Trinity Arts
child wormhole: the four whores of the apocalypse
crane wormhole: the 20th century
divorce wormhole: just words wiped across a line
settling wormhole: gently straighten