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                                               on the raised patio reading Plath

                                               silent-echoing clouds fast overhead
                                               nothing drew me quick to fixedlook
                                               over my shoulder – dark red copper
                                               leaf and branch reaching long from
                                                            an aqua-glazed pot





branches wormhole: the dash is magnificent / the shadow grotesque
Castleton wormhole: the straight line of stones marking the geometry / of death / settle all their own levels over time to make / a new rhythm
clouds wormhole: Hypnopompia
garden wormhole: H e a v e
looking & passing wormhole: Brugges April 2015 – looking lost
reading wormhole: Desolation Angels
red wormhole: ‘the red and white …’
silence wormhole: time proceeds
Sylvia Plath wormhole: thar she perched