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                                                                      good session

                                   I went down to Brighton
                                   to sit before a pleasant wall

                                   light grey with hint of green but
                                   the shallow waves kept coming

                                   face level overlapping frothy
                                   through the windows overhead

                                   the seagulls circled high and squalled
                                   they made far more sense than me





Brighton wormhole: is she / looking at me?
green wormhole: [start where you are III] – delve
grey wormhole: I love with all the history and lack of perfections at our command
mind & walls wormhole: Exceat to Cuckmere Haven
open wormhole: Black Rook / in Rainy Weather
seagull wormhole: heirloom – break / after heavy shower
sitting wormhole: my life / of others
waves wormhole: gazing at the night / as my eyes passed the jagged hole / my head disappeared
windows wormhole: library: start where you are IV // all the distance I have travelled!