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Edward Dalyngrigge made money as a mercenary soldier, fighting endlessly against France, then married Elizabeth, the heiress of the Wardedieu, to build a castle to defend against invasion looking fabulous (oh, and build a wharf on the river Rother to benefit from the trade).   It looks fabulous to this day but has defended only right and privilege.


                                Bodiam Castle

                                view of the world

                                through metre-age
                                of sandstone, so I

                                looked straight up
                                the chimney where

                                perpetual fires no
                                longer burned and

                                saw transluscent leaf
                                lean against blue sky


We live in a much more settled world now, comfortable by our ruined castles and retired landscapes.   The nearest incursions are on the beaches of Tunisia, although there is worry at the port of Calais.




blue wormhole: the art of sit and follow
chimney wormhole: events happen / through all measure of name
green & windows wormhole: good session
power wormhole: bottom of Herbert Road to the / foot of Eglinton Hill dream
river wormhole: let’s have some ice creams
sky wormhole: Exceat to Cuckmere Haven
society wormhole: any answers
time wormhole: earthed
war wormhole: castrated
world wormhole: nothing // matters