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                                   of a sudden

                                   the candle flame
                                   shifts and flicks, then
                                   sits in balance, still,
                                   and comsuming, still
                                   and emitting, folded
                                   and recouping, then
                                   sits in adjustment
                                   spliterring and
                                   forming, finding
                                   a perfect petal …
                                   leaning   leaning
                                   spluttering creating
                                   shadow and light
                                   in flux across wall
                                   and ceiling

                                   all the time

                                   whether I can
                                   form the poem or not





balance & walls wormhole: on walking through walls
light wormhole: 1971
shadow wormhole: Buddha / Shakyamuni
sitting wormhole: corner of Plum Lane / Eglinton Hill and / Shrewsbury Lane
stillness wormhole: no cars / no planes
time wormhole: the tangles fall apart