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                you have this sweet in your mouth
                                a broken chunk of toffee
                                or a hard boiled sweet with a soft centre
                                                              deep inside
                do you crunch it straightaway
                                              break it up into pieces
                                grind them down
                                              gimme the sugar
                                                              use your strongest teeth
                                next one!
                do you let it sit on your tongue
                                let your mouth melt it
                                              maybe suck it a bit
                                                              but I will not chew
                                I will not chew
                                              you’ll chew
                                                              and then try again with the
                                              next one
                                or do you keep it in your mouth
                                              get the size of it
                                                              flip it around
                                                                                 get some taste off it and
                                for the softs and the openings
                                              to appear by themselves
                                                              one last taste then
                                              chunk into that sucker
                                                              you’ve got him now
                                but not too soon
                                                                                 never too soon and
                                              you won’t want another
                                                                                 you won’t need another


* as in, awareness of, just, as in, only




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