just come back from holiday, tired,
                hot and bitten (I’ll catch up on all
                your hard work in due course as
                I’m on summer holiday from school),

                checked my mail, found I’d been
                published at Silver Birch Press in
                their My Perfect Holiday (alright,
                Vacation) series with a piece en-

                titled ‘holiday‘ which I’d written
                on one of my more recently
                memorable holidays because I
                clocked up thirty-seven pieces of

                work during only one week
                without wholly trying to (and
                some of them were half-good),
                (I only managed about four/five

                this last week, although one of
                them is really exciting me);
                please have a look, and sniff
                around the other holidays to be

                found there too; wishing you all
                revival – whether on holiday or not