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                           Detective Comics #345

                                     there –
                           a hole in the darkness
                           there is movement
                           there is a world
                           there is an outside

                           here – is an inside

                           must make sense of it all
                           the world is looking

                                     yes –
                           to cowl my true nature
                           the only way to operate
                           in the world

                           HE HAS CUT HIMSELF
                           OFF FROM THE WORLD –
                           DOOMED … TO LIVE APART
                           FROM … FELLOW HUMAN
                           BEINGS … SOLITARY*


* ‘found’ epilogue to ‘The Blockbuster Invasion of Gotham City’ story in Detective Comics #345, p.14, panel 3, November 1965; spoken by ‘Bruce Wayne’ disguised as ‘Roland Desmond’; writer: Gardner Fox, artist: Carmine Infantino




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