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just saying, is all V:

                                so, all those with experience
                are experienced in the Old Ways
as if they were Europe before any of the Wars; there is a New Thinking
                which older teachers a priori and de facto cannot respond to
                                screen out the older ones
                (“… and pan-fry the Big Ones
                   use Tact, Poise and Reason
                   and gently squeeze them …”)*, neutralise their experience, and if they
won’t go – even if they have good values,
                                even if they have good practice – allow them
                to participate ONLY if they subsume their practice in a
                                              management role (‘keep your enemies closer’)
                                and if they won’t do that (‘… pain …’; sharp intake of breath):
                                              ‘they – will – not – contibute
                                              does – not – compute
                                              danger, Will – danger
                                              exterminate – exterminate’

                                                                                 … systematic and consistent disempowerment

* Steely Dan, ‘Throw Back the Little Ones’, from Katy Lied (1975); used without permission but definite alignment





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