thank you to the 1739 followers (and innumerable drop-bys) who have paused by the window and peered in 22,228 times; to a Good Handful of those who have stepped in (*door tinkle*) and browsed the 1545 poems, the 84 poeviews, the 25 articles on education; to those Good Friends who have had a chat with that awkward chap sitting sullen to one side like an Edward Hopper sentinel … thank you

below is what you have all achieved:


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… so: me (590 views) still seems to be popular and, as ever-once, Moebius strip (450 views) still commands the Freshly Pressed prestige of blog-saturation (although he is more just a damp patch now, and his moustache is getting a bit bristly); people still seem to use the index (232 views) (which I’m pleased about, there is a lot of additional gumph in there) and I am pleased too (and not a little surprised) that poeviews (142 views) tickles some fancies, others (99 views) flatters like a perfume counter and wormholes (95 views) invites some infestation even though it is still in construction (… how could a wormhole ever be finished; how could a nest of wormholes be less unfinished?); but these latter are all reference pages, what about the single issues in neat plastic bags up on the walls with a prestige collector’s price tage which just slightly puts you off, but maybe, just maybe: there is the perennial Batman: Year One (1987) at 126 views which is very satisfying, and 20th century / schizoid man which comes in at 70 views which was surprising but probably inevitable given the title, then there is that the Last Day of Morecambe Illuminations (61 views and 31 views, I’ve posted it twice), a mere snippet of experience which carried a whole ocean with it, then ‘the blues shifted …’ (48 views) which didn’t even have a title, but shifted; I could go on and on all over the wall of the shop – spend the whole morning there – but time’s aslipping, just a few up ‘n’ comin’ stars to take some notice: Buddha Amitabha (46 views) which I am refreshed about, the Silvia Springorum Prize (41 views) which I am honoured about, relapse (39 views) which I am resigned about, 1959 — MANHATTAN — 2012 (39 views) which I am young about, 1967 (34 views) which I was 7 about, and don’t forget new year’s eve 2014; train up to London to / walk the bridges across the Thames, and / listen to the voices say it is, and was, like, / but get back home before the fireworks / obliterate it all in the emptying twilight (34 views) whatever you do; during February 2015 there was a whole collection of pieces tracking Alan Moore’s ‘From Hell’ of which our whore-y little compromises (33 views) seemed to rear its shameful little heads, and I didn’t think Dr Strange #6-13 (31 views) did much business, but it is sitting there – in and out of existence – even though it has been uncollected together in individual series hence … I have to stop, and walk back up the hill; thank you all, and please come again