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                three musicians

                the velvet sleeve crumpled
                from out the musty landscape
                the silken collar waven white
                from the green velvet bodice
                the cinnamon-milky neck from
                tremulous-springy collar bones
                the chilled-pink ear that
                directs her gaze newly upwards
                as her sister guides with held
                hand-unto lips-engorged sky
                past the gaze of brother into
                her eyes her eyes from which
                berry-sweet new chordings
                can be found on the guitar neck


Of One Heart – Cornelis Kruseman, 1830




eyes wormhole: gre[wh]y / has Daddy left us?
green wormhole: Morning in a City, 1944
guitar wormhole: city twilight
hands wormhole: recline
pink wormhole: Totnes
sky wormhole: The Louvre in a Thunderstorm, 1909
white wormhole: I do
years wormhole: 1963