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                                     south horizon

                                     through sash windows
                                     with no net curtains
                                     the light of washing lines
                                     and upright poles comes
                                     black ‘n’ white ‘n’ wet
                                     into the utility room
                                     keeping the sounds of
                                     London at bay





black wormhole: that comicbookshop in dreams,
Bowie wormhole: no exit
childhood wormhole: sit
horizon wormhole: dream 230315
light wormhole: de Boeddha // of light
London wormhole: corner of Plum Lane / Eglinton Hill and / Shrewsbury Lane
net curtains wormhole: the / very gradual art of sitting
rain & white wormhole: purple and mauve
sound wormhole: we play / the game
windows wormhole: Eridge – Cowden