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                                              if I settle
                                I can look slightly upward
                                at the grasses and canes
                                              that grow from the water straight up
                                most then bend to the right folded
                                              at a certain height
                                              to point
                                a rough right angle away somewhat horizontal
                                              some bend to the left both on the right and
                                                              on the left
                                                              in the air
                                                              in the wind
                                              there is a swell
                                occasionally a squall a ball
                                                              of air that
                                and if I’m quick
                I can avoid the spume and spatter by submerging
                                              just a little more
                                and watch the amniotic greys swirl
                                                              in all their relief because
                                the sun will emerge
                                                              sooner or later





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