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                           bad news from school
                           nonsense from school

                           tried to zombie into a
                           shooting game didn’t work

                           went for a walk on the forest
                           took my little boy with me

                           managed to notice myself being
                           angry reclusive revengeful

                           alright let’s find a new path
                           walk through puddles get lost

                           get sweaty remember my abs
                           get back home together it’s OK I survived





abdomen wormhole: the utter beauty of giving when receiving
Ashdown Forest wormhole: Ashdown Forest / 080213 14:47
awareness wormhole: Eridge – Cowden
breakdown wormhole: relapse
childhood wormhole: south horizon
depression wormhole: “write, let’s break outta here!”
identity wormhole: [s]
path wormhole: dream 260815
school wormhole: wriving
walking wormhole: Le Pont des Arts, 1907