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                                                      2 pm

                                there’s something about
                                the long straight road
                                out of the industrial area
                                and the clean black fence
                                all along the side of the
                                pharmaceutical company
                                buildings and the sun
                                through a corrugated
                                grey sky deep as warehouses
                                flickering through the spiked prongs
                                all along the top

                                stroboscopic and … there
                                I thought so: a laminated
                                copy of a court injunction
                                prohibiting animal rights
                                protesters from harassing
                                employees of the company
                                tagged to the fence




black wormhole: south horizon
buildings & Horsham & passing wormhole: working / for a living
grey & sky wormhole: Le Pont des Arts, 1907
roads wormhole: along
sun wormhole: all along the blue sky
walking wormhole: zazen