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                                              the practice

                                to emerging
                ever more openingly and simply
                                and only

                                into the very
                environment that in-fines the very sitting
                                and the very

                                being that I
                define as me both sitting and being but
                                really gazing

                                straight at
                and into the very space that allows those

                                to discern
                themselves in the first place at all and just
                                watch the

                creations that compulsively wonder away and around

                                from the emp-
                tiness searching both for land and identity





being wormhole: zazen
emergence & sitting wormhole: sooner or later
emptiness wormhole: enough
groundlessness wormhole: addicted / compulsive / identity
identity wormhole: I survived
practice wormhole: offer the victory and accept the defeat
space wormhole: prayer to my self