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                                it was the green bench
                they had agreed to meet to get the ferry back to Puerto Rico
                                              in the small plaza in Mogan
                                under the clock that doesn’t work
                                                              at ten to one

                                she waited for hours
                                              after the designated time
                different colours piped around each sill and window
                                                              all warm
                                              and the bougainvillea yet just leaf
                                                                                 twining all the archways and cornices
                                                              and the shoals of fish at the dock
                                              ever cutting alternate to quotidian wave

                                                              and caught
                                                              at last
                                the last boat home
                                the sister had already taken the next return
                a year later we returned
                                              the time was still ten to one
                                but this time bougainvillea-pretty
                                                              and calm





bench wormhole: corner of Plum Lane / Eglinton Hill and / Shrewsbury Lane
Carol wormhole: hungry for a thread or two
green wormhole: ‘green plum jam on rye …’
time wormhole: the breath of London
waiting wormhole: Summertime, 1943
waves wormhole: left alone
windows wormhole: com- / mute