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            when in Belgium do as the chocolates do

            they’re bad for my heart
                      but anyway

            I enjoyed the red-glazed heart
            with its white-flat base nature
            one bite and the fondant melted free

            then the Green wad of marzipan
            on the dark praline bed
            suffusing with each mulch

            then the block corrugated about and
            glazed flat top and bottom (apart from the nut observation-bubble on top)
            breaks easy like an impossible heli-carrier with all its intricacies inside

            and lastly another heart wrapped dark brown with white topping
            crushed by sheer force of tongue this time
            but soft nougat nevertheless

                      all gone
            it was enough but I
            look around for more anyway and see

            Carol’s legs resting on the bed curving
            slightly at the top into white panties
            and flat belly tanned with fondue sides above the panties

            good for both our hearts





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