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                                              Carmine Infantino just took the job:

                                              he had already warped through negative space of horizontal
                                              he’d plumbed the vertical of realisation to the depth

                                there was a take-over
                                it’s not right but ‘we
                                were getting killed’

                “Jack1, who’s in charge?”   “You are!”   ‘POW!’
                … POW!?   ‘How do you like that one between the eyes!’

                                ‘life takes hold …
                                takes you where
                                you don’t expect
                                to go’

                                              so the warp and the plumbing
                                              came in very useful in the end


1 Jack Liebowitz, Publisher of DC Comics in the mid 1960s, gave Infantino the job of Art Director of the whole line of comics, then Editorial Director and eventually Publisher; in time he returned to his artwork once the management shifted gear to business …




comics wormhole: sit
[Carmine] Infantino wormhole: Detective Comics #345
life wormhole: Hotel Room, 1931
realisation wormhole: Chop Suey, 1929
sound wormhole: … the discipline of shamatha / the waft of vipashyana
speech wormhole: currency: / assent for statement – / ‘smakin’alivvin’
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