… so much excitement about the upcoming event, you can feel it conjeal; like yogurt; we found this exclusive clip from an interview that the Elusive-Lewis gave several years ago to his biographer, Mark – [it is used without permission, but no one was available to give it when we enquired; any resemblance to persons living or existing is entirely theoretical]


—~~~ “O” ~~~—


so why do you have to keep finding yourself, Mark: you have published so many pieces that explore your self?

but the more I try to explore them and make them real, they disappear.

so they are not your true self?

yes, they are … but  they   never    ring     true      enough         to                 be                            home.

why do you explore them in time [past]?

because in my present I disappear so convincingly that I doubt there is anyone to find myself; I want to see where it all went opaque – or if I lost anything.

I think you need to face up to yourself, Mark; … Mark: where have you gone?


—~~~ “O” ~~~—

Bullet In: but we have just discovered a leaked memo [jammed in the pages of Rorschach’s Journal, we think] which intimates that the release of “… true nature …” might be bought forward by some considerable extent, months, even; … but waitamminit, this might mean …