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                           ‘a Method sneezer’,1 me, no
                           gnome depths to which I
                           won’t dig and corpse to
                           find the earthly essence;

                           who – are all these little
                           geezers getting under me
                           feet; g’wn, get outside,
                           allyya, `need t’get

                           things done, need t’get
                           things under m’feet
                           agin; tell them: I will
                           live – neighhh – through

                     crescendoeing cascade of chordage


1 wonderful phrase from Chris O’Leary‘s entry on ‘Please, Mr Gravedigger’ in Rebel Rebel

sometimes you gotta do a little crazy with instinct when the scent’s off: Please Mr. Gravedigger, 1966; The Laughing Gnome, 1967; The Gospel According to Tony Day, 1967; When I Live My Dream, 1967; Love You Till Tuesday, 1967

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