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                           coming this way
                           down the steep hill
                           a little man, a boy really,

                           taking bigsteps wide
                           keeping ‘is un-laced trainers
                           on cos’ee was too busy

                           living to tie ‘em up
                           on the phone, arm poised
                           hand like a swan’s head

                           ‘til ee makes a point;
                           will he say it was ‘like’
                           two or three times

                           within earshot his eyes
                           are slightly bulging now
                           steps even wider (‘as he

                           shat isself), no, smile,
                           satisfaction, ‘it was like’ –
                           arm out hand opening like a petal –

                           ‘The Journey of the Stars’; so,
                           I had to write it all down although
                           I’m not yet sure why


really; there are some things I don’t like about myself – and for good reason … by some time I’ll realise what they are




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