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                here I am
                walking through a life
                slightly embarrassed that after
                53 years of candy days and tooth-stick nights like liquorice allsorts
                I’m only just now realising
                how to walk

                on the other hand
                I have pushed through despite
                the buried stone and the now – crumbling-enough – earth
                despite my eyes borrowed (thank you)
                and wide shut and never
                seeing where to go

                   b        the air
                   r        for the very first
                   e        time each time I breathe
                   a        and each time I don’t
                   t         and each time I realise it must be
                   h        the thirty seven times seventh breath
                   i         I’ve taken since
                   n        the last breath
                   g        I knew

                under grey belts of cloud
                under sunny blue sky
                with acres of ground
                underneath me





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