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                                                     haiku   is awkward

   the more that is left in

     like uncombed  hair



                                                                                                                                                                            the hands that Have   are

                                                    small and gnarly that hedge a                
                                                        fund and close their eyes;

                                                my sight formed along
                                          rooflines of
Herbert Road edged
                                                           above the distant

                                beyond the river
from terraced steppes along the
     declining line of

 Hillbut then

                  my sights folded inwards at

                                                                   Hillsidepages of

 history that had

                                lost its own horizon, from

                                                                                                            hotel to house in

                              the bay windows of
                              London where
                                                                              is stuck in all time


‘aitches’ touch on quite a few boat-ties to my past: ‘Herbert Road’ was the local shopping high street where I lived in London until I was 19; it is in Plumstead which spreads south over the crest of ‘Shooters Hill’ and merges into Woolwich down to the river Thames; ‘Hillside’ is one of a little cluster of houses where I settled to raise a family and grow a career in Crowborough in the late 1980s – that same 80s that, mean-and-all-the-while, Thatcher was creaking open that casket (‘can’t read the label – “–ora’s Box”?’) which left me alien to my own background and lost in my own riverbank mist, save for the miraculous peek of haiku and the deadened gaze of bay window …

`haven’t published a tag cloud poem in a while: they’re made up of the larger tags of my work built up over the years – this one emerged into a series of haiku[esque] pieces of work – almost inevitably; this one was particularly difficult to form, the tag-words didn’t run off each other smoothly – I must admit I left a few words out; the green links are to those respective tags, the different sized fonts determined by the number of ‘topics’ that pertain to that tab … nerk!




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