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OK maties; during the last two weeks of September I was on holiday in Granada in the south of Spain with my good pal and wife, Carol; it is the first holiday we have been able to take outside of the school holidays for 29 years, but now that I am retired we’ll holiday in all sorts of times and places; it was also noticeable because I was able to write some good stuff which I am excited about as it’s always good to have it reaffirmed that you’ve still ‘got it’ as you get older …

I’ve also stumbled into the middle of an idea which is quite intriguing me: in the tourist shops were some ‘librettas’, note books, really, with nice Granada-y covers; I bought one for myself to have as a notebook to write poems while I’m out and about, but then it occurred to me to ‘write a book’, just like that; it’s an alternative to publishing and revives the art of writing by hand: I will write out a collection of my poems – those written in Granada and those ‘affiliated’ as I find them – into the book, in my best handwriting, nicely spaced and arranged, an edition of … one, only and unique; it will take a few months (240 pages), and then I will give it to someone who wants it; and then do another if I enjoy it

… now if that’s not self-publishing, I don’t know what is

meanwhile, coming up next is a fresh poem written in Granada …





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