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Here’s my cunning plan: this is what I am thinking about writing in the preface of the work

whoever you are reading this {and, thank you for doing so, I really appreciate it, it gives the planet oxygen, to survive}, while reading, make notes on the notes-page after each poem as you will, or will not, and then when you are done with the whole book, wrap it up and post it to someone else who might also produce some oxygen.   The same as you received it free, please incur the postage charge yourself.   If you’re really keen you might post what you wrote on a comments page which I shall create on http://www.mlewisredford.wordpress.com: comments, critiques, praise, complaints, I’ll take it all like a child starved of attention.   It might be really interesting to see how far it travels.

btw, I’m still planning and setting/formatting the book; I haven’t (physically) written a single word of it yet (although all of the poems are written, of course!), I’m still waiting for the right pen …





reading wormhole: AT-tennnnnnnn – waitfrit waitfrit – SHUN!
writing wormhole: Granada holiday …