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                the young father walked the
                daughter up the avenue between

                the bracken and elder, her
                singsong chant powering her

                useless steps to Herst Henge;
                he speaks in cast-off phrases,

                kindly and patient, he knows
                of the circle without reading

                the board, he sits with no need
                of revitalisation, while the

                daughter wanders about hap-
                hazardly asking questions


third of four of the triptych; still at Herstmonceux Castle, in the grounds; here is a little something about Herst Henge if you happen to be a little daughter tromping up a grassy hill by a castle; and, yes, these three are hinged together … but they keep falling apart again, they might need something else to fasten them …




being & communication & talking wormhole: the // orange rose
child wormhole: child
father wormhole: to allow / passage
knowledge wormhole: poessay III: jijimuge
love wormhole: so pleased to see you again
reading wormhole: reading // unstirred
sitting & voices wormhole: may the supreme and precious jewel bodhichitta … // … take birth where it has not yet done so … // … where it has taken birth may it not decrease … // … but may it increase infinitely
walking wormhole: occa / s / i // o / n / a // l // l // y