I’ve actually been busier than my lack of posting might suggest.

I’ve published two pages today which I’ve been working on for awhile, and I’m not sure if they come up on peoples’ readers if they’re pages; so I’ll plug them here:

first up: Spring Warwick breezes / over Bacharach fieldwork and boroughs with / the occasional shift and chirp of David / in the pastel-long morning of the sixties: yes, a celebration of Dionne Warwich and Burth Bacharach, but also a rendering of their music as the emotional wall-paper of my 1960s as I grew up from two years old in 1962 until my eighth birthday on November 2nd 1967 when my father left our family, and my survival as I gradually learnt to emerge from childhood and am not entirely sure I was successful; anyway Dionne Warwick’s voice kept sustaining and lingering on the radio and Burt Bacharch’s skippy syncopation kept suggesting there were other mornings over the horizon

secondly: Chapter 7 is … chapter 7 of what I’ve been working on in my retirement; the rest, and the beginning, will come around as I complete the current cycle and resume the next; I’ll be publishing a preface soon when it will all make slightly more sense …