inaugurated during my (what turned out to be second to penultimate) mini-breakdown from work in a flailing attempt to be heard;

…I haven’t written much, or certainly of much gravity, during the whole of this current year, it’s just not happening anymore; at the moment;

I am still posting – almost daily – but by mining all the stuff I haven’t yet posted … I am currently half-way through 2014; I don’t know what will happen when I catch up; I still have the Boats of Vallisneria project to finish – I owe that to my uncle if nothing else;

since I have retired I have waded deeper and deeper into the study of the Bodhisattvacaryāvatāra – I am almost up to my neck in it, and my feet will no longer be touching the floor
                                  anymore; I’d like to hope, in time, that I’d (creatively) write poeviews of verses or sections of the text, but I’ll wait for that to happen, if it does;

thank you so much to those who follow and read some of this stuff;

my Mum would have been 83 today;