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                above the edges of rooftop
                are ever silhouettes

                of taller building and watery tower
                by the light of the silvery moon

                sometimes hanging upside down
                will be the Batman

                cape hanging uselessly, otherwise
                he may stand on cornice

                and look down on a street lit by lamp
                and throw shadow

                over the whole façade – impasse between
                moon and lamp –

                the eternal dichotomy;
                outside the city the detail is in the sky

                between branch and leaf
                and as dawn approaches the cowl

                and the cape
                will come off





Batman wormhole: Infantino / district of Gotham
branches & shadow wormhole: such such potential
buildings wormhole: windows // and balconies
city & rooftops wormhole: ‘charcoal grey-slate sky …’
dawn wormhole: every step I take
identity wormhole: circuitry
leaves wormhole: walk from Castleton to Hope
light wormhole: the evening
moon wormhole: that comicbookshop … // … in dreams
silhouette wormhole: ‘avenue of wraggled gorse tops …’
silver wormhole: garden
sky wormhole: forgotten anything
streetlight wormhole: faintly apricot air?
streets wormhole: place