Theo 2005-2018


quarter rag-doll; cupboard-worshipper; community liaison officer overseeing food distribution and consumption; able to leap kitchen worktops with a single bound; visiting Emeritus Pollock Professor of muddy paw-prints in ALL directions on a clean floor; campaigned for ‘YES to ID’ on each bay tree, fridge, back door wall, any old shrub or new piece of furniture encountered; sleeper; biter; guerilla stalker from garden to garden of walks around the block; bemused extra-ordinaire of the curses and bad language of fellow feline colleagues; lover of wool-cardigans, jumpers and blankets (although he could never figure out why they wouldn’t produce milk); side-swipe dis-courager, claw-scrape encourager; shoulder-hugger; pathetic meow-er; proud boy to the back of his (don’t-stop)-stroked head; leaper straight into patio doors (wha’-bwpl-bl-bl-bl, shake-the-head-clear; tweedie birds); thick headed; belly-displayer; practitioner of AWOL without reason or result; Quickburst Scrapper of the Flying-Fur Kind … oh, and did I mention food?


succumbed to a tumour, growing in his tongue; prayers are requested for the emergence of his true nature in Sukhavati, Pure Land of Infinite Light;