Bodhisattvacharyavatara by Acharya Śāntideva

Chapter VI– verse 117

­Transglomeration: And, since a factor in the generation of these best of Buddha Qualities is readily found within all sentient beings, surely it is clearly understood that all sentient beings should be given due recognition and honour in accordance with just that.

~~~ “BCA” ~~~

V. 117 – because a fraction of that virtue is immeasurable
↑ Stitch ↓
V. 118 – and beings = part and condition of generating those virtues ∴ worthy of recognition and veneration

{conclusion of 114-117}

Stitching: all beings are to be venerated

Overstitching: since the smallest part of ‘Essence of All Virtue’ [condition of Path to Enlightenment] is present in all sentient beings [by virtue of their being infinite (-ly proliferating) and suffering] = correct to venerate them

Reflection: but if a tiny share of being the cause to realise these qualities exists in each and every sentient being, then every sentient being is due due honour and esteem because of this (and Tuffley mentions that each sentient being has the Buddha-nature in them, is this in the text?)

Reflection: these verses start to break down the absolute distinction between sentient beings and Enlightened Beings; yes, there is a distinction between Enlightened and not-Enlightened – Enlightened Beings have gone beyond all limitation and distinction, but they were once limited sentient beings themselves – but the distinction is not absolute, it is bridge-able (although the bridge (the raft) needs to be left at the shore; in fact from verse 112 onwards is a whole exploration of oneself <> sentient beings <> Enlightened Beings …

Determination: to respect all sentient beings as I would the Three Jewels because they give rise and condition to realisation