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                IN THE ‘SCONSET BUS

                      Upon the fallen

                      a gauzy down–
                      And on

                      the nape

                      a mat
                      of yellow hair

                      stuck with

                      not quite

                      matching it

                      two shades

                      at the roots

                      from the ears
                      the hooks

                      piercing the

                      gold and semi-

                      And in her

                      lap the dog

                      his head on

                      the ample
                      shoulder his

                      mouth agape

                      pants restlessly


from POEMS 1932
it was the revelation: that there was of such importance, in the minute observation, with wonder, of the minutest things, with love, and their intersposal with each other, with relationship, quite denuded of any sticky intention, that let’s them so; that has made WCW such an influential poet for me




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