Bodhisattvacharyavatara by Acharya Śāntideva

Chapter VII– verse 2ii

Transglomeration: What is understood to frustrate effort?   The laziness of indolence, the laziness of being attached to unwholesome, un-virtuous habits and experience, and the laziness of allowing ourselves a lack of resolve and urgency leading us like sheep to the laziness of lacking confidence and low self-esteem.

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V. 2i vīrya – riding the understanding of karma to build benefit
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V. 2ii – despite the four lazinesses


  • lethargy, sloth, laziness, indolence, languidness, lack of élan, faintness
  • attachment to, weakness for, clinging to (bad actions)
  • despondency, disinclination, discouragement, despair, apathy, lack of resolve
  • result: self-reproach, low self-esteem, self-contempt, self-deprecation

Recognition: 1. ‘… can’t be bothered’, 2. ‘just a minute, I’ll just finish …’, 3. ‘can’t get no satisfaction’, 4. ‘it’s just not me’; like a recalcitrant school-child being unrelentingly urged by the class teacher through the stages of a self-fulfilling prophecy which holds many of us back; the reticence that keeps us on the swimming pool edge for ages and ages; the unwillingness to embrace the whole of life in case we get it wrong; the feeling the fear and building our whole identity around the not-trying (the lack of self-compassion that lets ourselves fail at first); the depression of saṃsāra

Reflection: can’t be sure if there are three (Tibetan) or four (Sanskrit) lazinesses; if there are three then the Tibetan has rolled the third (discouragement) and fourth (self-contempt) into one or the latter three (from the Sanskrit listing) are understood as iterations of laziness overall

Reflection: verse 2 is just business: a definition and a preliminary breakdown of what frustrates it; the rest of the chapter is the explanation of its resolve