these have a resolution in them like a ghost in the machine – they are almost incidental to the words




        the walking stick
        against the phonogram
        with the scratched record
        in the middle of
        the bare room

                morning light

        the stick
        its limb






                the old chair rocked
                on the floorboards
                the petals in her lapel
                shuffled and humphfed
                the cucumbers in the patch
                              by the wall
        as she winced through
                              the window






        a spark
        from the empty light socket
        jumped down to the floor
        and flashed inside the stem
        of a wineglass
        in the sun

        on its side –

                orgasm –

        a small pile of sand
        filters through the floorboards






        glass filled with redwine
        in the centre of the bare room
        in its red light
        a dancing puppet
        his feet nailed to the floorboards






        the dining room
        clear of furniture
        the squat midget
        in blue dinner jacket
        performed a stiff
        under the window-spotlight

        cheeky satisfaction
        running down his face
        he tip-toed over to his
                top hat
        tapped it twice
        and disappeared

        a mouse in the corner
                ate his shoes






        the red and white bollard
        stood in the corner

        the owl stood on the
        single shelf on the wall

        they stared at each other all night






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