Dear old went and nominated me for an award.   First one I’ve had.   Thank you very much.   To get my hands on the sucker I have to do some stuff (tell seven things about myself; nominate five more sites and let them know):

  • one of my ears sticks out more than the other and I’m never sure which one it is
  • I was unbeaten champion at throwing the cricket ball in primary school – but I don’t play cricket
  • I am extremely clever but usually get hold of the wrong end of the stick
  • my thought and creation have been systematically ignored at work for 11 years and it is making me disappear
  • I have played guitar for thirty five years and have one – somewhat familiar – blues piece to my repetoire
  • my favourite poets are among Allen Ginsberg, William Carlos Williams, Leonard Cohen, Roger McGough, Philip Whalen, JD Salinger, Joni Mitchell, ani difranco and David Bowie (I know, I know)
  • I weighed 12.27 stone this morning

I have to pyramidically nominate some others for this award so I’ll put down those to whom I return daily to read – they often make me think: