collected works

Some of my work ‘clusters’, either in time or in timbre.   I post them individually at first but collect them here when they’re settled:

Batman: is just a collection of a lot of Batman poems at the moment (kept mostly in nostalgia for when Philip Vermaas decided to print the whole job on his blog: In time I shall break these down into smaller movements
Bob 1995-2012: the death of a pet in all of its season
Eglinton Hill: a work in progress which will be filled and coated when the time comes
FLOORBOARDS: does exactly what it says on the tin
mum: Jean Marguerite Redford (1933-1999)
nan: Gladys Charlotte Conlay (1906-1989)
Portsmouth – Southsea: I was walking home from the library one day …
through the crash: how to actualise becoming ‘the man of the house’ 11 years after you were urged to do so – aged 8 – and you realise that something has go …


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