Portsmouth – Southsea



studying in the library

the square was

and mauve
the side of the church

and alongside
the main road

the black white and red
cars returning home




        between the moon
        and the church
        floats a block of flats

        and in the square
        Queen Victoria by the
        offices in the evening





                                     with delight
                the child walked along
                the wall at his
                mother’s shoulder

                behind me they continued,




                                             the moon

                                the clouds have
                                covered it now;
                                in my baggy
                                trousers I realise

                                I write better poems
                                than before I
                                was married




                                              turning into
                                              the high street

                                              the moon glided
                                              over the streetlamps

                                              and in the opposite
                                              side street

                                              red car lights
                                              flashed quietly




                       left now
                       the moon
                       retreats backwards along
                       the street

                       from the newsagent
                       the smiling Chinese face
                       of an old friend who is

                       still young




                                                                 turning right
                                                                 the moon
                                                                 appeared from a window
                                                                 above the supermarket

                                                                 making for the flagpole

                                                                 six o’clock




3 thoughts on “Portsmouth – Southsea”

  1. I like the first and second to last very much –


  2. So satisfying to find the moon in unexpected places. And Queen Victoria, floating in the green mist. Arresting image.

    Liked by 1 person

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