so …

about a year ago I had an urging to start getting my poems into hard paper print and make them available for the world to buy as if I were at defcon 2 [and the rest of the world didn’t know it]

I calmed down during the year (maybe it was the half-life) – and I’m not so sure the world needs or wants to shell out hard-earned whatever-it-is-we-earn-these-days to buy a pamphlet of poems by some numpty they’ve never heard of; but I did work hard to produce a piece of work for a glorious print run of … one (I gave to a friend), (who was interested), and a half (a trial run which printed every other page upside down – I kept that one), (somewhere), and a virtual (which I sent to lassymac), (heard nothing since): I’ve been brought up on Marvel and DC comics – their format is in my retinas – I do have an almost indefatigable and quietly militant naïveté of which I am inordinately proud, and … I write stuff … it seemed inevitable to create POEMICS; and as I’m publishing happily online as it is, and since I saw Suzy Hazelwood’s excellent online magazine The Writing Garden, AND as modern comic art is also published online now … I thought it was time for …


almost indefatigable and quietly militant naïveté;



mlr presents #1 - July 2015 mlewisredford PRESENTS #1 – UNCANNILY GREEN poems.   As you can see from the cover date this has taken a LONG TIME to compile and shape, but there comes a time when you’ve just got to kick it out of the house and let it go its own way; click on the link, open or ‘Save As’ in Powerpoint, hit F5 and you’ll see what you can see; only problem is the centerpage poem which reads sideways, and there’s no way I can solve that without giving myself headaches.


3 thoughts on “poemics”

  1. Self-publishing is HARD. I’ve produced a few pamphlets as birthday gifts and I’ve always had to seek help to finish them off.


    • ‘hard’ yes, much more so than bunging something down on a blog page (even despite the clunky formatting);

      I suspect it might be you who was sniffing around the poemics page recently and might have inadvertently downloaded Amazing Green Poems; congratulations, I think you might be the second proud owner of the work since it went ‘live’ seven years ago!

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      • No, sorry, that wasn’t me; but I’ll check it out 🙂

        I have my own free download on my blog, called Wholly Man. It’s doing better than my actual book from a traditional publisher 🙂


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