almost indefatigable and quietly militant naïveté …






                                it was the green bench
                they had agreed to meet to get the ferry back to Puerto Rico
                                              in the small plaza in Mogan
                                under the clock that doesn’t work
                                                              at ten to one

                                she waited for hours
                                              after the designated time
                different colours piped around each sill and window
                                                              all warm
                                              and the bougainvillea yet just leaf
                                                                                 twining all the archways and cornices
                                                              and the shoals of fish at the dock
                                              ever cutting alternate to quotidian wave

                                                              and caught
                                                              at last
                                the last boat home
                                the sister had already taken the next return
                a year later we returned
                                              the time was still ten to one
                                but this time bougainvillea-pretty
                                                              and calm





bench wormhole: corner of Plum Lane / Eglinton Hill and / Shrewsbury Lane
Carol wormhole: hungry for a thread or two
green wormhole: ‘green plum jam on rye …’
time wormhole: the breath of London
waiting wormhole: Summertime, 1943
waves wormhole: left alone
windows wormhole: com- / mute


the breath of London




                                the breath of London

                                the four storey station at the top of the hill
                                once housed fire engines high on their tyres
                                all buffed red and waiting behind folding doors

                                are flats now; while up by the chimneys a blackbird
                                sings various songs as the cars pass variegated
                                along in the quiet morning light under low grey sky





blackbird wormhole: Plumstead – Woolwich – Plumstead 290508 – / the breath of London
breath wormhole: after all?
buildings & passing & sky wormhole: com- / mute
cars wormhole: sit
chimney wormhole: now, the verticals go down as well as they go up
doors wormhole: Summertime, 1943
Eglinton Hill wormhole: 1963
grey wormhole: 2 pm
light wormhole: Compartment C, Car 193, 1938
London wormhole: 50 mph
morning wormhole: Le Pont des Arts, 1907
red wormhole: gre[wh]y / has Daddy left us?
time wormhole: all along the blue sky


my way



reading direction


                                                     sitting and
                                     back by                      looking about
              looking for my way                             for what to write
                          rather than                                  I have already
                              I end up                                  lost where I am
                 and sit with where                            and can receive
                                    my way                      no insight unless
                                               I find how I lost





being & sitting wormhole: sit / and move
circular poem wormhole: relapse
looking wormhole: out!
writing wormhole: hungry for a thread or two


the Growing Man




                                   the Growing Man

                                   always amid the
                                   square and receding tiling
                                   the little figure
                                   is never noticed

                                   until he acts
                                   quantum to right angle
                                   where he is found
                                   growing perspective

                                   so that no matter
                                   what you throw at him
                                   he will include it all ill-
                                   defined until it steps

                                   with glazed eyes through
                                   three-storey intstitution
                                   oblivious to the falling
                                   masonry all around





eyes wormhole: Soir Bleu, 1914
society wormhole: the Conqueror


Soir Bleu, 1914




                           Soir Bleu, 1914

                           what does that clown
                           sat at the table with
                           cigarette oblivious
                           to blood-wounded eyes?

                           my goodness, I hadn’t
                           noticed, sat here with
                           only a towel to wear,
                           no wonder I cannot drink

                           am a Chinese lantern made
                           flesh immaculate borne of the
                           minds of my un-talking parents
                           sat before a clown with empty carafe

                           me, I could paint a picture of this all
                           but the hills are dark behind my mind
                           and roll downstream continuously
                           out of frame





blue & eyes wormhole: com- / mute
Edward Hopper & river wormhole: Compartment C, Car 193, 1938
evening wormhole: zok! and pow!
hills wormhole: dream 260815
mind wormhole: Evening Wind, 1921
silhouette wormhole: now, the verticals go down as well as they go up
table wormhole: the art of sit and follow
thinking wormhole: let the dreams / become the ghosts they / always were


Compartment C, Car 193, 1938




                      Compartment C, Car 193, 1938

                                the woman reading
                                in the compartment
                                was a student of pivot
                                and cross-reference;

                                while the trajectory
                                paralleled the river,
                                it bisected the bridge
                                at sunset: the light

                                to read came not
                                from the lamp but
                                the heightened pers-
                                pective of traverse





awareness wormhole: I survived
bridge & light & reading & train & woman wormhole: com- / mute
Edward Hopper & river wormhole: Le Pont des Arts, 1907
travelling wormhole: sit / and move


sit / and move




                                when sitting I sit
                                a posture and dwell …

                                I am travelling now
                                what do I experience …?

                                in both I miss
                                the empty centre

                                of nothing happening
                                but wanting makes it so …

                                I suppose I’ll just keep on
                                sitting and moving

                                until I stop or maybe

                                stop wanting that I can sit
                                and move more freely





being & letting go wormhole: left alone
emptiness & practice & sitting wormhole: the practice
posture wormhole: training the mind
travelling wormhole: 50 mph


left alone




                                foreshortens it
                                within its own


                it spreads wide in waves gossamer and rippling
                                and yet un-tearable because of its own
                                structure and love
                                              if left alone





attention wormhole: let the dreams / become the ghosts they / always were
being wormhole: currency: / assent for statement – / ‘smakin’alivvin’
creativity wormhole: “write, let’s break outta here!”
doing & letting go wormhole: working / for a living
love wormhole: dream 260815
waves wormhole: good session


currency: / assent for statement – / ‘smakin’alivvin’




                assent for statement –

                                you say it is
                                and solve it
                                with the statement is
                                to make it is

                                              and get the laugh
                                              and ‘yeah’ the stake
                                              while walking down the street
                                to ‘ave it





being wormhole: 50 mph
communication wormhole: com- / mute
living wormhole: working / for a living
speech wormhole: Western Motel, 1957
streets wormhole: zok! and pow!
talking wormhole: mauve / night
walking wormhole: 2 pm
Woolwich wormhole: dream 260815


50 mph




                                50 mph

                                driving up to London
                to find my root, to tap back into my routes
                to find the here that I am driving between

                                it is early spring
                the branches are only budding, I can see the ways ahead
                straight and turning, there is no need to go any faster





being & identity wormhole: the practice
branches wormhole: Western Motel, 1957
childhood & path wormhole: I survived
London & travelling wormhole: com- / mute
Spring wormhole: 1963


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