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“Wehrmut” by Cluster & Eno, from the album ‘Cluster & Eno’ (1977)




                           “…he paced about the bricks with
                           empty glasses…”

                you could see the dust around his
                shining car
                driving into the desert

                           (he was driving through water he was
                            going away
                            he was drowning).

                In the rooftop restaurant
                I could barely see his eyes under
                the reflection of building and sky

                           (on the street we
                            walked past the deep-blue sky poster
                            for cigarettes)

                when he walked
                the air rippled through his head
                like worms, he said,

                           “…I felt the clear emotion
                             of the sky

                “…crumpled inside
                  felt like wallowing yellow
                  like ribbed yellow…”

                           “…in my chest in
                             whapple, lapple, lapping, lopping…”
                           he laughed, dead serious.

                He told me once
                he smiled on the beach, the puddles
                smarted his eyes

                           cut them:
                           real yellow tears
                           real yellow tears
                           real yellow tears





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